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Transmit music using light

We recently used a silicon solar cell instead of a microphone, with which we obtained a flicker detector. ...

Solar cell instead of a microphone

Under the influence of light on a silicon solar cell, a photovoltaic effect occurs — voltage or electrical ...


The yellow dwarf, called the Sun, energizes our entire planet, defines its climate, provides photosynthesis, and sustains life on Earth. ...

Wood pellets

Wood pellets — are cylindrical pellets produced from woodworking waste. They are environmentally friendly biofuels and ...

Check tariffs and electricity bill

In Bulgaria are three electricity providers as shown on the map: If you live in a private house, we can ...

Solar Panels and Power Systems

Solar panels are photovoltaic cells that convert sunlight into electricity. They are used for energy generation in power plants, ...

Pellet Fireplaces and Stoves

The pellet fireplaces heat and decorate any space and they work in fully automatic mode. They are easy to use, safe, reliable ...

Solid Fuel Boilers

The solid fuel boilers allow economically to heat homes, hotels, restaurants and factories. Depending on the model, they ...

Energy Storage Systems

The energy storage systems allow significantly increasing of the efficiency of use of renewable energy sources and ...

Storage Water Heaters

Storage water heaters (boilers) — these are cylindrical containers for heating and storing hot water. They have a rugged ...

Control and Optimization of Energy Consumption

Every home, office, hotel or restaurant has a counter installed by the power supplier. Thanks to it we know ...

Installation of equipment

We not only sell high-end equipment to use renewable energy but also build reliable energy systems. At NENCOM you can ...

Solar Collectors

Solar thermal collectors unlike solar PV-panels do not produce electricity. They heat up water or antifreeze. Modern ...

Solar Energy for Home and Business

Everyone of us can make a step to the nature and can keep it clean for himself and for his children. It is so simple: ...

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