National statistical institute (Bulgaria)

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National statistical institute (Bulgaria)

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The institute collects and analyzes statistics in areas such as energy, ecology, economics, demography, healthcare, trade, justice, culture and many others.

The National Statistical Institute of Bulgaria was founded in 1880 as a statistical data department of the Ministry of Justice. A year later it was transformed into a separate office, and in 1991 — became «National Statistical Institute» (NSI). In 2007 the institute was included in the European Statistical System.

The Institute has a support center for users of European Statistical Information (ESDS Help Desk), whose specialists provide all interested parties with free and qualified assistance in obtaining all the necessary information.

Националeн ста­ти­сти­че­ски инсти­тут на Република България

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Handbook «Bulgaria 2020»

Yearbook «Bulgaria 2019»

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