Completed projects

Electricity for Sheep

In December 2019, we were contacted by farmers from the village of Zlatna niva, Shoumen district. Modern agriculture ...

Solar power station in the mountains

A house in the mountains is a dream of many people. It is pleasant to live away from civilization, ...

Solar power station in the village of Govedartsi

In the autumn of 2018, the owner of a house in the village of Govedartsi (Samokov municipality) order us ...

Solar power station in the Omurtag town

In May 2019, we installed a solar power station for a small house. The purpose of the client — ...

Solar power station in Varna #1

In April 2019 a young family from Varna commissioned us to build hybrid solar power station for their home. We inspected ...

Energy storage system in Ruse city

After the installation of the solar power plant in Ruse, our customer decided to increase the level of autonomy ...

Solar power station in Ruse city

Increasingly people want to reduce their dependence on energy suppliers. The number of supporters of modern technology, ...

Solar power station in Varna #2

In August 2019, we built the second hybrid solar power plant in Varna. Customer purpose — reduce electricity ...

Heating and hot water in the village of Rudnik

The owner of a new house in Varna Region asked us to install an economical system for heating and hot ...

Pellet firestove in office

Pellet firestoves with water jacket are becoming more and more popular as they allow economical heating of any premises. ...

Solar collectors for WRC hotel

In 2015 we installed solar collectors, pellet boiler, storage water heater and heating radiators in White Rock Castle ...

Installation for White Rock Castle

White Rock Castle is located in Balchik town, on the coast of Black Sea. The elegant design, the panoramic view ...

Replacing a solar collector in Aksakovo

Our company has recieved a request for a diagnosis of a hot water supply system in a private house. ...

Pellet heating in a three-room apartment

In January 2014 we received an order for installation of a heating system in a two-bedroom apartment ...

Replacing a solid fuel boiler in Alen Mak

The owner of a lovely and almost self-contained home in Alen Mak turn to us for help — the boiler is damaged ...

Heating in restaurant Aksakovska Panorama

Restaurant «Aksakovska panorama» is located in a picturesque area near Varna. It is famous for ...

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