Solar collectors for WRC hotel

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Solar collectors for WRC hotel


In 2015 we installed solar collectors, pellet boiler, storage water heater and heating radiators in White Rock Castle hotel. The system was so effective that the managers of the hotel turned to company NENCOM with the request to expand the installation.

The initial installation worked in that way: nine solar collectors heated water in 1000 liters storage water heater for the spa centre. In the gloomily weather, if necessary, automatically turned on the pellet boiler. Except this the pellet boiler provided heating in the spa.

The owners of the hotel gave a new task: it had to provide «solar» water for the apartments on the fourth floor. To be make that the collectors not only to heat water for domestic needs, but also to participate in the heating of the spa center.

White Rock Castle HotelWhite Rock Castle Hotel

Executing the necessary calculations, we installed 22 more solar collectors Viessmann and the common stock of hot water we increased to 5 tones, mounting two more storage water heaters and one buffer tank Sunsystem.

We lift the solar collectors on the roof of the hotelWe lift the solar collectors on the roof of the hotel

Control of the quality of the work of NENCOMThe general manager of NENCOM Nenko Dzhamdzhiev controls main stages yourself

We lift the storage water heaters on the roofThe two storage water heaters we mounted nearby the collectors and the apartments. After that we built separate room for them

We assemble solar collectors standsWe assemble solar collectors stands Viessmann. In the background there are 9 solar collectors Sunsystem which we mounted one year ago

Installation of solar collectors stands

Fitting of the attachment of solar collectors

We are mounting the stands for the solar collectorsOn the near hotel there are mounted solar collectors already. Term return on such projects is around 3 years

We are installing the solar collectors ViessmannWe are mounting the solar collectors on the stands

Except the mounting of additional solar collectors we changed the piping and the work of the operations of the electronic that when the all solar collectors heat the water in the storage water heaters till certain temperature, they will be used to heat the spa. Now the pellet boiler works rarely which reduce the expense of pellets..

We are concatenating the buffer tank SunsystemWe are concatenating the buffer tank with volume of 2 tones

Connection and turning on of pellet boilerWe are checking the work of the pellet boiler GreenEcoTherm in the new system

Turning on of solar collectorsThe most enjoyable and excited moment — releasing of the system and removing the sunscreen stickers

We are removing the sunscreen stickers from the solar collectors

Insulation of the solar collectorsFinal touches: check and insulation of the system

To avoid overheat of the system in little consumption of hot water we organized diversion of the needless heat into the swimming pool by special exchanger.

The first tests showed that the system works excellent: five tons of hot water automatically distributed between the apartments, the spa and the pool. We continue to keep an eye on the work of the system and to gather statistic.

It is remarkable how much heat can be obtained free using just a part of the roof of the building for installation of solar collectors. But in this installation there is something more important that the economy — this is the possibility to manifest responsibility and to keep the planet clean for us and for the future generations.

A video for our work

Traditionally we shot a short video about our work on the object:

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