First time in Bulgaria: Hypontech inverters

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First time in Bulgaria: Hypontech inverters

18.09.2022 05.01.2023

After successful testing of Hypontech inverters we signed an agreement with the manufacturer and became the official partner of the Hypontech brand in Bulgaria. The key advantage of these inverters is the profitable value for money.

Previously successful in the Australian and South American markets, Hypontech is now entering the European market with the active participation of NENCOM. We not only keep all inverter models in stock and provide technical support to our customers, but we also work directly with Hypontech engineers to continuously improve the software. The core of the Hypontech engineering team is made up of employees with experience in such well-known corporations as SMA, Schneider Electric and Eaton.

Today we will introduce you to Hypontech grid-mounted PV inverters and take a look inside one of them together. At the moment, the manufacturer offers for the European market 1-phase inverters with power from 1 to 6 kW (red) and 3-phase inverters with power from 3 to 50 kW (blue). Up to 32 inverters can work in parallel in one system. Factory warranty for all models is 10 years.

Hypontech inverters in stock in Bulgaria

Hypontech inverters at NENCOM warehouse in Varna

Hypontech grid inverters are represented in several series. Modifications with different power within the same series have the same body and similar technical parameters. Now we will take a look at the representative of «the senior» serie HPT 30~50K, namely, the modification HPT 36K with power of 36 kW.

The first letter "H«in the name of the model stands for «Hypontech», the second letter «P» means the type of the inverter — «Photovoltaic» (can be «B» — «Battery» or «H» — «Hybrid»). The third letter «T» stands for «Three-phase» (can be «S» — «Single-phase» or «K» — for the most compact one-phase models).

The serie HPT 30~50K — are 3-phase solar inverters with input voltage up to 1100 V. Modifications with power of 30, 33 и 36 kW have three MPPTs. Modifications with power of 40 and 50 kW have four MPPTs. All versions are equipped with two inputs per tracker.

Inverter scope of delivery Hypontech HPT 36K

Package includes: mounting bracket, dowels, AC and DC connectors, Wi-Fi adapter, factory test report, and colourful installation and setup instructions

The inverter is packaged in a sturdy box with soft inserts. Interior space is well organized to accommodate instructions and accessories

Three phase inverter Hypontech HPT 36K

The dimensions of the inverter are 580×435×242 mm, the mass is 38 kg. On the front side there is a backlit display, signal LEDs and a button for changing the type of information on the display. Settings are made using the HiPortal app on a smartphone

Model parameter labels on the inverter Hypontech HPT 36K

On the side of the case there are information stickers with the name of the inverter modification, main characteristics, serial number, decoding of light signals and a QR code for downloading the HiPortal application to a smartphone

Hypontech HPT Inverter Cooling Radiator

There is a large cooling radiator at the back of the inverter

Bottom of inverter Hypontech HPT 36K

In the lower part we see DC switches, connectors and fans for blowing the radiator (their switching on and rotation speed depend on the degree of inverter heating). Models below 15 kW have passive cooling

PV connectors and DC switches on the inverter Hypontech HPT 36K

The top DC switch is meant for the first and second MPPT, and the bottom — for the third and fourth. In our modification, there are only three trackers, so there are stubs in place of the fourth one. High-quality MC4 type PV connectors are closed with soft silicone caps

Convenient handles for carrying and mounting the inverter Hypontech HPT 36K

Large and comfortable handles are placed at the corners of the case, which facilitate the transfer and installation of the inverter

Opening the cap of the Hypontech HPT 36K inverter

Let’s see what’s inside the IP65 rated aluminum case. After removing six screws and slightly lifting the cap, you need to carefully disconnect the cable from the display

The Hypontech HPT 36K inverter without a cap

Inside we see two boards with a clear structure: DC components are located on the left (input), and on the right are the AC components (output). Hypontech photovoltaic inverters, like most modern PV inverters, are transformerless. Power transistors are located at the bottom of the case under the printed circuit boards and are filled with a compound

Surge protection in the Hypontech HPT 36K inverter

DC part: built-in surge protection (recommended to install an external one)

PCB of the Hypontech HPT 36K inverter

DC part: capacitors, MPPT and control electronics

Inverter Hypontech HPT 36K AC output

AC part: current meters, filter capacitors and power relays

Internal fan of the Hypontech HPT 36K inverter

Additional internal fan for even heat distribution inside the case

In general, the quality of materials and assembly leaves a good impression. In the coming days, this copy will be put into operation at the warehouse base in Varna, and we will see it in action.

Detailed specifications, certificates, documentation, as well as prices for inverters and additional accessories can be found on the page Hypontech. NENCOM is the official distributor of Hypontech products in Bulgaria. We sell inverters wholesale and retail, provide warranty service and technical support.

NENCOM is the exclusive representative of Hypontech in Bulgaria


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