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SHARP solar modules

NENCOM is the official distributor of SHARP Solar in Bulgaria. We are happy to use SHARP Photovoltaic modules in our projects, and also sell them wholesale and retail throughout Europe.

Photovoltaic modules are the most important part of a solar power plant, therefore, from the point of view of investment protection, the reliability of both the product itself and the manufacturing company comes to the fore. SHARP is the oldest manufacturer of photovoltaic panels (since 1959) on the market today, with extensive experience in the production of modules for the space industry and harsh climate conditions.


Installation examples
About the company


The cost of modules is indicated when purchasing whole pallets (usually 36 pieces) and includes delivery to the specified address in Bulgaria. The surcharge for a pallet that is not whole is 200 levs including VAT. Prices for smaller quantities or for wholesale purchases in containers are calculated individually. The minimum order for the NB-JD580/585 model is 5 pallets.

Modification Power, W η, % Price
NU-JC435 435 22.28 230
NU-JC440 440 22.53
NB-JD580 (Bifacial) 580 22.45 322
NB-JD585 (Bifacial) 585 22.65

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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In this folder we have placed a certificate of the official representative in Bulgaria, a brochure describing all SHARP modules, as well as technical documentation for the most popular models:

Documentation SHARP

Installation examples

Installation of SHARP photovoltaic panels on the roof of a private house in Sofia

Installation of SHARP modules in Sofia


The product warranty for SHARP solar modules ranges from 12 to 25 years, the warranty on power output — from 25 to 30 years. A detailed description of the warranty conditions is in the following folder:

Warranty SHARP

About the company

The company SHARP Solar was founded in 1959 as a subsidiary of SHARP Electronics and began developing solar cells. In 1963, it started mass production of photovoltaic cells and, for the first time in history, installed a solar panel on an ocean buoy.

Ume 1976-019A satellite with Sharp solar panels

«Ume 1976-019A Satellite»

In 1976, the Japanese satellite «Ume» was successfully launched for ionospheric sounding, the cylindrical body of which was almost entirely covered with SHARP monocrystalline silicon solar cells, and the world’s first solar cell calculator was developed. Since then, the company has equipped more than 180 satellites with photovoltaic cells and modules, dozens of which are currently in orbit, set numerous performance records, and become renowned for the uncompromising reliability of its products. In addition, SHARP is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of bypass diodes for use in outer space.

History of the company SHARP

The company is confidently looking to the future, developing ultra-thin, high-efficiency solar panels for use on the surface of airships, drones, paragliders and cars.

Flexible roof for electric convertible made from ultra-thin SHARP solar panels

Flexible solar roof concept for an electric convertible

Stratospheric communications glider powered by SHARP solar panels

Stratospheric communications glider concept

SHARP solar powered paragliders will deliver supplies to remote areas in the event of a natural disaster

Flying paraglider concept


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