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Victron Energy solar modules

The company NENCOM is an official distributor of the Netherlands company Victron Energy in Bulgaria. The Victron photovoltaic (PV) modules are ideal for mini-systems and mobile applications.

When constructing home and industrial solar power plants, PV modules of a fairly large size are used, with an area of 2 m2 and more. Almost all famous companies produce namely such solar modules, and in the small format, nameless or unknown manufacturers dominate.

Victron Energy not only produces compact PV modules, but also offers complete energy solutions for boats, yachts, caravans, campers, specialized vehicles and stationary mini-systems. Victron solar modules are available in several sizes, allowing to choose the optimal option for any task.


The table shows prices for Victron Energy monocrystalline modules. Dimensions and other characteristics are found below in the documentation section.

Modification Power, W Price
SPM040201200 20


SPM040301200 30 80
SPM040401200 40 110
SPM040551200 55 140
SPM040901200 90 210
SPM041151200 115 240
SPM041401200 140 270
SPM041751200 175 280
SPM042152400 215 380
SPM043052000 305 490
SPM043602400 360 580

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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In this folder we have collected technical documentation for the solar modules and some thematic brochures from Victron Energy:

Documentation Victron

Installation examples

NENCOM employee installs Victron Energy solar modules on a passenger catamaran

Installation of Victron Energy and Longi modules on a catamaran


The product warranty for Victron Energy solar panels is 5 years. Warranty to retain 90% of the declared power — 10 years, to retain 80% — 25 years. More details on the terms and conditions can be found on the firm website «Victron Energy Bulgaria» in the section Victron warranty.


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