Equipment for photovoltaic systems

We are distributors of high quality equipment for solar power plants and energy storage systems. We import photovoltaic modules, inverters, charge controllers and batteries into Bulgaria and sell them wholesale and retail throughout Europe. We offer special conditions, training and technical support for installers and dealers.

Product type
from 210 BGNSHARP solar modules

Uncompromisingly high-quality and efficient PV modules from a Japanese corporation

from 730 BGNVictron Energy inverters

Universal and reliable converters for stationary and mobile power plants

from 8 220 BGNnewDyness batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries for hybrid and off-grid systems

from 1 490 BGNnewVictron Energy charging stations

For adaptive charging of an electric vehicle from the grid and the sun

from 706 BGNHypontech inverters

Quality photovoltaic inverters at an affordable price

from 63 BGNVictron Energy solar charge controllers

Reliable battery charging devices for autonomous and hybrid solar power plants

from 70 BGNVictron Energy solar modules

Compact PV modules ideal for boats, caravans, campers and other mobile applications

from 5 300 BGNBYD battery

Lithium iron phosphate batteries with 10-year warranty

to orderLongi solar modules

Reliable PV modules from one of the largest manufacturers

to orderRisen solar modules

Affordable photovoltaic modules

to orderJinko Solar modules

PV modules from the largest manufacturer in the world

to orderTrina Solar modules

Quality PV-modules with low price per watt

from 2 595 BGNSMA battery inverters

Inverters of various power for energy storage systems

from 1 250 BGNSMA solar inverters

Photovoltaic inverter wit different power for solar power plants

from 995 BGNSolaX solar inverters

Inexpensive and good quality PV inverters for solar power plants

from 99 BGNproSmart BBoil Wi-Fi thermostat

Provides remote control of all electrical appliances and automates their operation

from 27 925 BGNTESVOLT energy storage system

Professional storage systems with different possible capacity for outdoor and indoor sollutions

from 914 BGNVIESSMANN Vitosol FM solar collectors

Flat solar collectors with overheat protection ThermProtect

from 1 900 BGNMudlark pellet burner

Automatic pellet burner for sunflower and wood pellets


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