VIESSMANN Vitosol FM solar collectors

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VIESSMANN Vitosol FM solar collectors

The flat solar collectors Vitosol FM series which are advanced many years, won the reputation of reliable devices with high efficiency. They are used for heating of domestic water, warming of swimming pools and in low temperature heating systems.

A special helios titanium covering is applied on the copper absorber of Viessmann collectors which efficiently converts the solar radiation into heat energy. The collectors are enclosed in a sturdy aluminum frame without oblique cuts, providing permanency and security of the construction.

The housing has a thermal insulation and it is closed at the front side with helios glass with seamless seals, which reduces the heat losses of the collector to a minimum.

FM series replaces the modification index F and featuring that it has a patented system for protection against overheating ThermProtect. Heating the absorber above +75 °C, it crystalline structure is changing in that way that there is reducing of the absorption of solar energy. Upon cooling is performed the opposite process and the absorption coefficient increases to the maximum again.

The Viessmann flat collectors have a few modifications. The most common are — 100-FM and 200-FM. The modification 200-FM features with improved thermal insulation, which increases the efficiency of the device during the winter.

Base prices

ModificationAbsorption surface, m2Value
Vitosol 100-FM2.30914
Vitosol 200-FM2.301172

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Structure of the collector

Solar collectors VIESSMANN Vitosol FStructure of the flat solar collector Viessmann

Installation examples

Installation of solar collectors Viessmann Vitosol FM on the roof of a hotel

Installation of solar collectors Viessmann Vitosol FM on the roof of a house

Installation of solar collector VIESSMANN Vitosol FM

Installation examples of flat solar collectors Viessmann

Installation of flat solar collectors Viessmann on the roof of a houseInstallation of solar collectors Viessmann Vitosol F series

Installation examples of flat solar collectors Viessmann

A video for our work

In this short video is showed our work on the installation of solar collectors Viessmann Vitosol FM on the roof of White Rock Castle Hotel:

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