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Dyness batteries

Dyness manufactures lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4 or LFP) batteries for hybrid and off-grid solar power plants and also for uninterruptible power supply systems. The factory warranty is 10 years.


Features of batteries
Dyness Tower
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Features of batteries

Lithium iron phosphate batteries, unlike most other types of lithium ion batteries, are chemically and thermally stable, which makes them safe to use. Other advantages of this technology are low toxicity and long service life.

Dyness produces a wide range of LiFePO4 batteries in various voltages for both home and commercial energy storage systems. Dyness high-voltage batteries are compatible with Hypontech inverters, as officially confirmed by both manufacturers. Dyness low voltage batteries are compatible with Victron Energy inverters, which is currently only officially stated by Dyness.

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Dyness Tower

The high-voltage Tower series consists of battery modules with a capacity of 3.55 kW·h and a voltage of 96 V. Each of them contains 30 cells, which are connected in series. The modules are also connected in series with each other using built-in connectors.

One tower can have from two to six modules (nominal voltage from 192 to 576 volts, respectively). They can be added in stages, but the manufacturer recommends doing this within six months after commissioning to minimize imbalance.

It is possible to connect several towers in parallel into one system. The maximum continuous charge/discharge power when communicating with the inverter is 0.6C (60% of capacity) and depends on the percentage of battery charge. The battery case provides protection from dust and moisture at IP54 level.

Dyness Tower Batteries

Documentation Dyness Tower

Modification Energy, kW·h Power, kW Price
Tower T7 7.10 4.26 8 220
Tower T10 10.66 6.39 11 420
Tower T14 14.21 8.52 14 620
Tower T17 17.76 10.65 17 820
Tower T21 21.31 12.78 21 020
+ module 3.552 2.13 3 200
BDU + base set 1 820

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Example installations

NENCOM is an official distributor of the Dyness brand. From us you can buy batteries for self-installation or order a comprehensive service for the design and construction of a solar power plant.

Dyness Tower T17 battery for hybrid solar power plant in Tsarevo

Dyness Tower T17 battery for hybrid solar power plant in Tsarevo


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