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Hypontech photovoltaic inverters combine high quality and affordable price. NENCOM is the exclusive representative of Hypontech in Bulgaria. We sell on-grid and hybrid inverters wholesale and retail, we help with settings.


Features of the inverters
On-grid 1-phase HPK 1~3K
On-grid 1-phase HPS 3~6K
On-grid 3-phase HPT 3~10K
On-grid 3-phase HPT 15~25K
On-grid 3-phase HPT 30~50K
Hybrid 1-phase HHS 3~6K
Hybrid 3-phase HHT 5~12K
«Smart» energy meters
HiManager data logger
System monitoring
Setting up inverters
Hypontech Certification

Features of the inverters

At the moment, for the European market Hypontech offers single-phase on-grid inverters (red), three-phase on-grid inverters (blue), as well as battery and hybrid inverters (white). The official warranty for all models is 10 years.

Types of Hypontech inverters

The on-grid inverters Hypontech can be configured both to sell all the generated energy to the grid, and for self-consumption at the facility. In the second case, it is needed a smartmeter, and the settings allow to either limit the supply of excess energy to the grid, or allow it, depending on the agreement with the grid operator. Several inverters can be combined into one system using HiManager.

Important: Hypontech three-phase on-grid inverters are symmetrical generators and have two options for export limitation: by the sum of all phases and by the phase with the least consumption. In the first case, the output power of the inverter will be limited to the sum of the consumption of all phases, which allows the return to the grid of individual phases with an unbalanced load. In the second case, the output power of the inverter will be limited on each phase to the level of consumption of the most unloaded phase, in order to exclude the return to the grid on single phases.

The hybrid Hypontech inverters are compatible with the high-voltage LiFePO4 Dyness batteries and can work in different modes. Firstly, they can work in on-grid mode (without a battery), which allows you to build a photovoltaic system in stages, adding batteries in the future. Secondly, they can work in three modes with a battery: off-grid (with solar modules, without grid connection), hybrid (with solar modules and grid connection) and as an uninterruptible power supply system (with grid connection, without solar modules). Each mode has additional settings.

Important: Hypontech three-phase hybrid inverters can work with unbalanced load in any of the modes (including without a battery). The output power on each phase can independently vary from zero to 1/3 of the inverter’s rated power.

In case of emergency shutdown of the grid, switching to battery operation takes less than 10 ms, providing uninterrupted power supply. Output power in off-grid and emergency operation modes is not limited. When connecting the hybrid inverter to the grid, a smartmeter is not required, since the kit includes measuring current transformers (CT).

All Hypontech inverters have a rugged aluminum box with IP65 protection class and a large cooling radiator. They are equipped with multilevel protection, display, RS-485 communication interface and Wi-Fi adapter. Models with power up to 12 kW have passive cooling, models with power from 15 kW are equipped with fans.

In Hypontech inverters are used high-end components from well-known manufacturers

In Hypontech inverters are used high-end components from well-known manufacturers: Stäubli, Texas Instruments, Fujitsu, MuRata, Tamura and other

Series HPK 1~3K

Series HPK — are compact 1-phase on-grid inverters with power from 1 to 3 kW with one MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). Input voltage up to 500 V.

Hypontech inverters, series HPK 1-3K

Documentation HPK 1~3K

Hypontech HPK 1-3K
Modification Power, W Price
HPK 1K 1 000


HPK 1.5K 1 500 744
HPK 2K 2 000 811
HPK 3K 3 000 976

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HPS 3~6K

Series HPS — are 1-phase on-grid inverters with power from 3 to 6 kW with two independent MPPTs (one input per tracker). Input voltage up to 600 V.

Hypontech inverters, series HPS 3-6K

Documentation HPS 3~6K

Hypontech HPS 3-6K
Modification Power, W Price
HPS 3K 3 000 1 138
HPS 4K 4 000

1 341

HPS 5K 5 000 1 427
HPS 6K 6 000

1 495

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HPT 3~10K

Series HPT with power from 3 to 10 kW — are 3-phase on-grid inverters with two independent MPPTs (one input per tracker). Input voltage up to 1000 V.

Hypontech inverters, series HPT 3-10K

Documentation HPT 3~10K

Hypontech HPT 3-10K
Modification Power, W Price
HPT 3K 3 000

1 889

HPT 4K 4 000 2 001
HPT 5K 5 000 2 092
HPT 6K 6 000 2 174
HPT 8K 8 000 2 347
HPT 10K 10 000 2 516

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HPT 15~25K

Series HPT with power from 15 to 25 kW — are 3-phase on-grid inverters with two independent MPPTs (two inputs per tracker). Input voltage up to 1000 V.

Hypontech inverters, series HPT 15-25K

Documentation HPT 15~25K

Hypontech HPT 15-25K
Modification Power, W Price
HPT 15K 15 000

2 873

HPT 20K 20 000 3 015
HPT 25K 25 000 3 305

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HPT 30~50K

Series HPT with power from 30 to 50 kW — are 3-phase on-grid inverters with input voltage up to 1100 V. Modifications with power of 30, 33 and 36 kW have 3 independent MPPTs. Modifications with power of 40 and 50 kW have 4 independent MPPTs. All versions are equipped with two inputs per tracker.

Hypontech inverters, series HPT 30-50K

Documentation HPT 30~50K

Hypontech HPT 30-50K
Modification Power, W Price
HPT 30K 30 000

4 394

HPT 33K 33 000 4 957
HPT 36K 36 000 5 182
HPT 40K 40 000 5 445
HPT 50K 50 000 5 629

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HHS 3~6K

Series HHS — are 1-phase hybrid inverters with power from 3 to 6 kW with two independent MPPTs (one input per tracker). PV input voltage up to 600 V. Battery voltage from 80 to 480 V.

Hypontech inverters, series HHS

Hypontech HHS 3-6K
Modification Power, W Price
HHS 3K 3 000

2 854

HHS 3.68K 3 680 2 937
HHS 5K 5 000 3 019
HHS 6K 6 000 3 184

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Series HHT 5~12K

Series HHT — are 3-phase hybrid inverters with power from 5 to 12 kW with two independent MPPTs (one input per tracker). PV input voltage up to 1100 V. Battery voltage from 160 to 800 V.

Hypontech HHT 5-12K
Modification Power, W Price
HHT 5K 5 000

4 694

HHT 6K 6 000 4 882
HHT 8K 8 000 5 257
HHT 10K 10 000 5 633
HHT 12K 12 000 6 008

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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«Smart» energy meters

For photovoltaic systems without self-consumption, which transfer all the energy produced to the grid, Smart Meter is not needed. For systems designed for their own needs, a Smart Meter is required, which is installed at the grid input between the grid operator’s energy meter and the consumers. Hypontech hybrid inverters are equipped with measuring current transformers (CT), which act as a Smart Meter.

Eastron single line smart meter installation scheme for a Hypontech inverter

Single-line diagram for smart meter installation

Smart Meter connects to the inverter via the RS-485 interface and reports data on energy consumption from the grid (in case of a solar energy lack) and on the export of energy to the grid (in case of solar energy excess). The inverter uses this data for power regulation and transmits it to the monitoring portal via the Internet. In the inverter settings, depending on the terms of the contract with the grid operator, you can partially limit or completely prohibit (zero feed-in) the return of excess energy to the grid. For this reason Smart Meter in such systems is sometimes called a «limiter».

In systems with Hypontech inverters are used «smart» energy meters Eastron: 1-phase and 3-phase, with direct measurement (up to 100 A) and with measuring current transformers (CT). All 4 models are mounted on a DIN rail, have a backlit display and buttons for viewing the measured parameters: active and reactive energy, voltage, frequency and more.

Energy meters Eastron for Hypontech inverters

Modification Phases Measurement Price
SDM 230 1 direct 147
SDM 120 CTM 1 CT 164
SDM 630 3 direct 282
SDM 630 MCT 3 CT 329

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Connecting an Eastron energy meter to a Hypontech inverter

Datasheet Eastron SDM 230

Datasheet Eastron SDM 120 CTM

Datasheet Eastron SDM 630

Datasheet Eastron SDM 630 MCT

Manual Eastron SDM 230

Manual Eastron SDM 120 CTM

Manual Eastron SDM 630

Manual Eastron SDM 630 MCT

HiManager data logger

In some situations, you will need a special logger HiManager, which provides additional options:

1. Your PV on-grid system is designed for self-consumption, a Smart Meter is installed at the input of the grid. In the dark time of the day the on-grid inverter «falls asleep» and does not transmit data on energy consumption from the grid to the portal. HiManager never sleeps, which allows collecting statistics around the clock.

2. You need to combine several inverters for parallel operation in one system. In this case, the inverters are connected to each other in series via the RS-485 communication interface: up to 16 pieces with a smart meter in the system or up to 32 pieces in the system without a smart meter. If there are no more than 16 inverters in the system, then the last one is connected to the COM1 connector on the HiManager. COM2 can be used to connect a smart meter. If there are more than 16 inverters in the system, then both connectors are used to connect the inverters.

Connectors Hypontech HiManager

Connectors HiManager

Modification Price
HiManager 526

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Manual Hypontech HiManager

System monitoring

For monitoring photovoltaic systems with Hypontech inverters via the Internet there is a free Hypon.Cloud. Each installer or system owner can register a power plant on the portal to monitor it in real time and analyze statistics. In many cases, this does not require the purchase of additional equipment, just a Wi-Fi adapter, which is included in the contents of delivery with the inverter.

Manual Hypontech HiPortal

Setting up inverters

Hypontech inverters can be configured locally or online. Here you will find the necessary instructions:

Hypontech Wi-Fi stick guide

Hypontech settings from HiPortal

Hypontech local settings

Hypontech Certification

The Hypontech inverters offered on our website are certified according to European safety and electromagnetic compatibility standards. The manufacturer declares the compliance of Hypontech inverters with European regulations in this general document:

Hypontech declaration

Additionally, in the description of each series of inverters you will find the corresponding certificates. Most of the certificates are issued by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH (Germany) and can be checked by the number on the official website of the testing organization. Certification conditions imply regular inspection of the production process and products.

Hypontech inverters certified in Germany by TÜV SÜD Product Service GmbH to European standards

Fragment of one of the certificates Hypontech: the inscription «Production monitored» on the stamp TÜV means regular production control

Our company is the official distributor of Hypontech products in Bulgaria. We sell inverters wholesale and retail, provide technical support and warranty service.

The company NENCOM is the exclusive representative of Hypontech in Bulgaria


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