Victron Energy in Bulgaria

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Victron Energy in Bulgaria

27.06.2023 11.10.2023

Our main partner is the Netherlandish company Victron Energy, which is famous for its reliable inverters, chargers and other professional equipment.

We build autonomous and hybrid Victron solar power plants, providing energy to homes, farms, yachts and electric cars throughout Bulgaria.

Victron Energy hybrid system for a private house in Sofia

Hybrid photovoltaic system Victron Energy for a private house in Sofia

Charging an electric car from a Victron solar power station

Charging an electric vehicle from a Victron home solar power station

Victron solar power plant for a catamaran

Victron solar power plant for a catamaran

The flexible architecture of Victron Energy elements allows us to create unique systems for specific customer needs and expand them subsequently.

One of the most striking features of Victron Energy is its exceptionally convenient real-time remote monitoring with extensive capabilities for control, diagnostics and statistical data analysis.

Remote monitoring of automatic generator start on a cow farm

Another serious advantage is the detailed, interactive and well-structured technical documentation, which is perfectly complemented by the support of the online community of brand fans.

Victron Energy distributors on the world map

The company operates on all continents, and we are very pleased that we have the honor of representing Victron Energy in Bulgaria. In addition to system construction and retail sales, we also supply Victron Energy equipment to installation, transport and telecommunications companies throughout Bulgaria. We offer special conditions, training and technical support for installers and dealers.


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