Construction of photovoltaic systems

Construction of photovoltaic systems

We design and build solar power stations of all sizes and types. Attention to detail, extensive experience and high quality equipment allow us to guarantee the efficiency of our photovoltaic systems for many years.


Designing of power stations
Energy production forecast
Construction of power stations
Complex solutions
Join to the grid
Monitoring and analysis
Maintenance and service
Warranties and liability

Design of solar power stations

For the design of photovoltaic stations, our engineers use special software. We create a three-dimensional model of the location of the solar modules on a specific location, using customer drawings and satellite images.

3D modeling of solar power stations

Solar power systems can vary in type (on-grid, off-grid or hybrid), arrangement of modules (on the facade, roof or on the ground) and destination (for home, office, factory, hotel, camper or yacht). All these situations provide for a different approach to the design and selection of equipment. We determine the optimal configuration of the photovoltaic system to meet the goals of each customer.

Construction of a solar power station

Construction of a power station under a project

Energy production forecast

Climate databases allow us to model the operation of a future power station based on multi-annual insolation, temperature and precipitation statistics for a specific region.

Карта на фотвол­та­ич­ния потен­циал на България

Photovoltaic potential of Bulgaria

When calculating the power system’s production, we pay attention to the azimuth and inclination of the solar panels, evaluate the influence of the shade from the relief of the terrain, trees and other objects. The voltage drop in the cables and connectors is taken into account as well as the decrease of the power related to the heating, reflection and pollution of the photovoltaic modules.

As a result, the client receives a realistic monthly generation forecast, and sometimes several forecasts for different configurations of the photovoltaic system. This information helps to make the right decision.

Forecast of solar power production and horizon features

Generation forecast and horizon features

Construction of solar power stations

When creating photovoltaic systems, we use only mid- and high-price products. Business reputation has been forming for years, so we carefully choose suppliers by placing high demands on all components.

Installation of SMA Sunny Island invertersnd

Installation of SMA Sunny Island inverters

There are no small details in the construction of solar power systems. We fundamentally do not save on cables and connectors, since the reliability and safety of the entire power system largely depend on their quality.

Installation of Trina Solar modules in Varna

Installation of Trina Solar modules

We also regularly test the equipment and software we use, and then give developers feedback for further improvements.

Control of the heating of the energy storage system by means of a heat chamber

Control of the heating of the energy storage system

In addition to the constant pursuit of technical excellence, we pay special attention to the aesthetics of installation, as we believe that every work must be done beautifully and neatly. Perfectionism and attention to detail is our daily standard.

Construction of a solar power system in Varna

Hybrid solar power system

NENCOM’s office is located in Varna. We build solar power systems all over Bulgaria and are ready to take part in the implementation of major photovoltaic projects around the world.

Installation of Panasonic Solar modules in Ruse

Installation of Panasonic solar modules

Complex solutions

Solar energy is distributed to us unevenly throughout the year. In the summer it may be more than necessary and in the winter, on the contrary — insufficient. This deficit is critical for autonomous solar power plants that do not have a network connection.

Uneven supply of solar energy

Uneven generation

We have experience in solving such energy problems «turn-key». For example, we are installing automated pellet heating systems that can significantly reduce electricity consumption in the cold season.

Connecting and running a pellet boiler

Installation of a pellet boiler

Also, we integrate backup generators into our power systems, which automatically start when battery level of charge drops to a certain level or when a number of other conditions are met.

Diesel generator in the composition of a solar power system

Generator in the composition of a power station

Connecting power stations to the grid

On-grid and hybrid solar power stations can not only take energy from the grid when there is not enough sun, but also deliver surpluses back to the grid if generation exceeds consumption. This can be particularly advantageous when local laws provide for a preferential purchase price for «green» electricity.

Installation of photovoltaic panels for solar power system

Installation of photovoltaic system

In order to sell energy from solar power stations, it is necessary to prepare projects, obtain a building permit, and conclude a contract with the local grid operator. We help our clients complete all these procedures.

The inverters we use in the on-grid and hybrid power stations are equipped with special relays that exclude reverse power in the event of a power failure. This guarantees the safety of the personnel on the power lines.

Installation of Victron Energy Quattro 5000 inverter for a solar power station in the village

Installation of Victron Energy inverter

Monitoring and analysis

All of our solar power stations, except for micro-solutions, are equipped with remote monitoring and control systems. Using your computer or smartphone, you can monitor your power system’s performance in real time. You can find out at any time the current power of the solar modules, the consumption of electrical appliances, or the percentage of State of Charge SoC.

Power station operation in real time

The monitoring system also provides detailed statistics on energy production and consumption, detailing up to hours, days, weeks and months. The intuitive interface allows the owner of the solar power system to quickly obtain all the necessary information for its operation.

Performance statistics for a solar power system

Support and service

After the solar power system is put into operation, all of our buyers receive information and technical support from us. Most of the issues we solve remotely, thanks to the monitoring system. We can identify problems in the system and fix them, or change the power system settings, taking into account the customer’s wishes.

This helps us automatically record all system parameters in minute detail. We control the power, current and voltage of solar modules, rechargeable batteries, external grid or diesel generator, know the temperature of important system components, see error messages, and more.

Control of power system parameters

If necessary, we visit the facility for the prevention and support of our solar power systems.

Setting up a solar power system in Varna

Setting up the remote monitoring system

Warrantees and liability

We are official dealers of all manufacturers whose equipment we use in the construction of photovoltaic systems. Accordingly, a formal warranty is provided for all components of the power systems. We also provide a warrantee for installation work.

NENCOM is a Panasonic Solar Premium Installer status

NENCOM is a Panasonic Solar Premium Installer status

In accordance with Article 21 of the Bulgarian Renewable Energy Act, the construction and maintenance of photovoltaic systems may be carried out by persons with the relevant qualifications and entered in the Register of the Agency for Sustainable Energy Development. Upon request, we provide a link to this register and copies of our documents.

By ordering a solar power systems from us, you can rest assured: our liability to third parties is insured by the joint-stock company DZI (KBC, Belgium). The policy has an extended coverage, which explicitly indicates the activities associated with photovoltaic systems.

Insurance for the construction of a solar power system

NENCOM insurance policy

When importing solar modules, batteries and electronics in Bulgaria, we pay an environmental fee for the reprocessing of this equipment in the future.

We are passionate about the idea of widespread use of solar energy and believe that it will solve many environmental problems in the modern world. In our spare time we are happy to experiment with photovoltaic converters and electric transport.

Transmit music through light using NENCOM Solar Music

Transmission of music by light

Electric bicycle in the deep snow

All-wheel drive NENCOM Bike


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