On-Grid Solar Power Systems

A solar power plant connected to the grid or Grid-Tied Solar Power System reduces or totally disables the power consumption from the grid during the bright part of the day. The grid connected inverter transforms the DC current from the PV modules into alternating, fully synchronizing it with the external network parameters. More →

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As the sun shines, the grid-tied inverter uses the power of photovoltaic modules to power the electrical appliances. If this is not enough, additional power will be added from the mains.

For example, if at some point the solar power station produces 3 kW and the power of the working appliances is 4  kW, then only 1 kW will be consumed from the outside network.

If the power plant generates more power than is needed at the time, we have two choices: automatically reducing the power to the required level or exporting the surplus power to the common network.

For surplus electricity sales to the grid, a contract must be signed with the network company. The public network plays the role of a virtual battery of unlimited capacity, allowing the use of the 100% solar power plant. Such contract can be extremely profitable if the tariffs for selling electricity to the grid are higher than the tariffs for its purchase from the grid.

In addition to selling electricity to the grid, it is possible to increase its own consumption of solar energy by other methods.

For example, it is very profitable to use the free energy of the Sun to operate a washing machine, vacuum cleaner, air conditioner and other electrical appliances that are not used constantly. Such an algorithm is particularly suited to factories and offices where a significant portion of the electricity consumption falls in the daylight.

Another way to increase your own solar energy consumption is to charge batteries. Such a power plant combines the capabilities of the network and autonomous systems, and is called the hybrid solar power station.

The solar power plant can operate only if there is voltage in the outside network. For safety reasons, in case of an emergency shutdown of the external power supply, the network inverter also shuts off the solar power plant in order not to supply voltage to the common grid and to prevent damage to the line-repairing electricians.

Advantages of the power plant— simplicity, reliability and short term of return on investment in conditions of export of excess energy to the grid at preferential tariffs.

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