Solar modules Jinko Solar

Photovoltaic modules Jinko Solar

Jinko Solar is the world leader in the production of photovoltaic cells and modules. The structure of the holding company is vertically integrated, allowing Jinko Solar to control the entire production cycle and to work at minimal cost.

Jinko modules can be manufactured from monocrystalline or polycrystalline silicon, have up to five core conductor bands per element and can be installed using Half-Cell technology. The «Smart» series of photomodules is equipped with built-in power optimizers.


«P» — polycrystalline silicon, «M» — monocrystalline silicon, «H» — half cells, «S» — smart series, «B» — black series. Minimal order — 52 modules

ModificationPower, WpPrice
Eagle JKM 260PP-60260
Eagle JKM 265PP-60265325
Eagle JKM 270PP-60270330
Eagle JKM 275PP-60275
Eagle JKM 280PP-60H280345
Eagle JKM 285PP-60H285350
Eagle JKM S285M-60B285
Eagle JKM 285M-60HB285
Eagle JKM 305M-60305405

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Production of photovoltaic modules Jinko Solar

Production of photovoltaic modules Jinko Solar


Eagle 60P
Eagle HC 60P
Eagle PERC 60M

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