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TESVOLT energy storage system

Storage systems TESVOLT — these are professional and flexible modular solutions for any situation. Various configurations are available through 4.8 kW·h for indoor and outdoor installation. TESVOLT batteries allow operation in both stand-alone and grid-connected power supply systems.

Storage systems TESVOLT provide uninterrupted power supplies for private homes, hospitals and data centers, smooth consumption peaks, allow the creation of an autonomous network, or increased own solar power consumption.

Example of installing the system

Types of systems

TESVOLT TS HV 70 Outdoor
TESVOLT TPS Storage System


TESVOLT uses extremely safe and environmentally friendly nickel-manganese-cobalt-oxide based technology, enclosed in 14 prismatic cells with such high-quality as those that have been employed in electric cars so far.

Battery module TESVOLT based on high-grade prismatic cells Samsung SDI

The unique Active Battery Optimizer (ABO) — battery balance managment provides detecting differences in battery systems and correct them on a continuous basis. This process significantly increases the lifespan of individual cells up to 30 years and 8,000 cycles. Charging and discharging current on long-term basis is 1C and even at 4C for short periods (max. 20 seconds).

Cell monitoring TESVOLT

Controlled distribution of energy across individual cells and in every module

Cells Samsung SDI do not contain environmentally harmful heavy metals and can be completely recycled at the end of their service life. TESVOLT offers a take-back scheme for their batteries at no additional cost for customers.

Example of mounting of energy storage system TESVOLT

Example of instalation of TESVOLT TS48V Lithium Storage systems


48-voltage systems TESVOLT are optimized for work with battery inverters SMA Sunny Island and could be installed in three different size racks:

Dimensions of racks for storage systems TESVOLT TS 48 V

System TS 25 (1300×600×600 mm)
Number of batteries345
Enenrgy, kW·h14.419.224.0
Weight, kg228264300
Price in BGN27 92534 53541 150
System TS 40 (1900×600×600 mm)
Number of batteries678
Enenrgy, kW·h28.833.638.4
Weight, kg386422458
Price in BGN48 71555 33061 940
System TS 50 (2300×600×600 mm)
Number of batteries910
Enenrgy, kW·h43.248.0
Weight, kg514550
Price in BGN68 96075 575

Prices include delivery to Bulgaria and VAT 20%

Systems include: rack, batery modules, active power unit (APU), 8-port ethernet switch, connection kit

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All battery modules are connected in parallel between each other providing low voltage for any capacity of the storage. This solution increases flexibility and safety of the whole system. According of tasks there are single (one inverter) or three phase sollutions (with three inverters):

Storage energy system TESVOLT in double rack

Storage system 76.8 kW·h for three-phase grid

Active Power Unit TESVOLT (APU)

Single active power unit (APU) provides control up to 16 battery modules, forming a cluster. A multicluster storage system is formed by needed number of clusters

TS 48 V specifications
Instalation TS 48 V


High voltage systems TESVOLT are optimized for work with three phase battery inverters SMA Tripower Storage 60 and they are installed in two racks with dimensions 1900×1200×600 mm:

High Voltage Storage Energy System TESVOLT HV 70

Double rack system (1900×1200×600 mm)
Number of batteries1416
Enenrgy, kW·h67.276.8
Weight, kg824898
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All battery modules are connected in series wich increase the voltage of the whole group up to 930 volts with remaining the value of current and thus the same cable diameter is used. Bigger systems are build by connecting few of those equipments.

TS HV 70 specifications

TESVOLT TS HV 70 Outdoor

Outdoor version significantly increases the field of application of high voltage storage systems. A strong heat-insulated housing with a ventilation system allows it to operate in a temperature range from −33 up to 55 °C.

Energy Storage System TESVOLT HV 70 Outdoor

External systems are applicable to optimize diesel generation, increase peak power, increase solar power consumption or create charging infrastructure.

Application of the system TESVOLT HV 70 Outdoor as a car charger

Application of storage system TESVOLT HV 70 Outdoor as a car charger station

Inside ordering of the energy storage system TESVOLT HV 70 Outdoor

Each rack includes 14 or 16 battery modules

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TS Outdoor specifications

TESVOLT TPS Storage System

A container energy storage system is a convenient and practical solution for megawatt projects. TPS is optimized for use with SMA Sunny Central Storage System inverters of varying power. Using 3 sizes for containers and 3 sizes of battery cabinets, it is possible to obtain multiple combinations for capacity and power in large-scale aplications.

TESVOLT TPS Storage System

TPS Storage System
Container size, ft204045
Number of the storage systemsдо 12до 24до 28
Max energy, kW·h8641 7282 016
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Inside ordering of TESVOLT TPS Storage System

TPS System Specifications

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