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Longi solar modules

Longi is one of the world’s largest manufacturers of photovoltaic (PV) modules. We have used Longi solar modules in many of our projects in on-grid, hybrid and off-grid systems.

Attention! We do not keep Longi panels in stock and can only deliver them at order. NENCOM is an official distributor of the Japanese company SHARP Solar in Bulgaria. We usually have the most popular SHARP PV modules in stock in our warehouse, we provide fast delivery to the site and support of partners.

From us you can buy photovoltaic modules from leading manufacturers for self-installation or order a comprehensive service for the design and construction of a solar power plant.

Installation examples

Installation of Longi solar panels on a catamaran-type sea yacht

Longi modules on a catamaran

Installation of Longi solar panels on the roof of a private house in Varna

Longi modules on a private house


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