Installation for White Rock Castle

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Installation for White Rock Castle


White Rock Castle is located in Balchik town, on the coast of Black Sea. The elegant design, the panoramic view and the proximity to the Botanical Garden distinguished this suite hotel among others.

In 2015 in the hotel was opened spa, which need energy efficient heating and supplying of hot water. To complete the task, the hotel management chose the company NENCOM.

Our experts mounted pellet boiler, storage water heater, heating radiators, solar collectors and peripheral equipment.

Installation of solid fuel boiler

The boiler Pelletherm V.2, with an output of 100 kW, is fitted with a convenient pellet hopper and it works in fully automatic mode: maintains set temperature, supply fuel in the combustion chamber and removes the ashes.

Pellet hopperThe cover of the hopper is equipped with comfortable locks

Open pellet hopperHopper has a capacity of 100 kg and it has the ability to connect an additional reservoir

A control unit for the pellet boilerA control unit for the pellet boiler

Mechanism for supplying of pellets and cleaning the combustion chamber Mechanism for supplying of pellets and cleaning the combustion chamber

Near the pellet boiler is located SUNSYSTEM SON storage water heater with a capacity of 1000 liters with two heat exchangers: one is connected to the pellet boiler and the other — with the solar collectors.

Boiler with two exchangers and pellet boiler

Control of water temperature in the boilerControl of water temperature in the boiler (60 °C)

Control of the temperature in the exchanger of the heat boiler and the solar collectors Control of the temperature in the coolant of the heat boiler (63 °C) and the solar collectors (94 °C)

To output the exhaust gases we installed ArtKamin chimney with stainless steel double-wall and insulation.

Chimney for exhaust gases from the pellet boilerThe length of the chimney is 18 metres

Chimney for exhaust gases from the pellet boilerThe exhaust gases are so clean that it is impossible to see them

In all rooms of the spa center we put heating radiators with regulators. To build 35 modules we used 430 ribs.

Heating and hot water in the massage room

Heating and hot water in the massage room

Heating radiators in the spa center

Heating in the spa centre

Heating radiators in the spa center

The main component of the system — solar collectors SUNSYSTEM Select — we put on the roof. Even in low sunlight they are easily heated the exchanger to 100 °C, providing with free hot water the spa.

Installation of solar collectorsInstallation of solar collectors

Solar collectors SUNSYSTEM SelectThe collectors are mounted at an angle of 33° and they are faced south

A review of our work

A review for company NENCOM

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