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Electricity for dogs

15.07.2020 27.12.2020

Near the town of Ignatievo, Varna region, a small kennel for breeding German shepherds is located. The facility itself isn’t connected to the electricity grid, so the owner of the kennel asked us to create an autonomous solar power plant. Until now he has been using a gasoline generator.

It was necessary to provide energy for a water pump, refrigerator, freezer, TV, router and lighting. We discussed the budget and configuration of the system with the client, and started the work.

Solar modules on the roof of the aviary

We installed on the roof of the aviary four Risen modules, 330 watts each. The total peak power of the solar panels is 1.32 kWp.

Photovoltaic modules for the kennel

To work during the night time, in the system we added two 12 volt Victron Energy AGM Deep Cycle batteries, 220 A·h each. We connected them in series to obtain a nominal voltage of 24 V. The useful energy reserve at a permissible unloading depth of 50 % is 2.64 kW·h.

Rechargeable batteries in a dog kennel

The batteries are charged using a solar controller Victron Energy MPPT 100 | 50, with power of 1.4 kW. The input parameters of this controller allow the addition of two more 330 watts solar modules to increase the generation in dark weather.

Autonomous NENCOM solar power plant for the kennel

To convert direct current from the controller and batteries to alternating current, we installed Victron Energy inverter Phoenix 24 | 1200, with power of 1.2 kV·A or 1 kW. The inverter has a peak power of 2.2 kW, therefore it can successfully handle the inrush current of the water pump and compressors in the refrigeration equipment.

Scheme of an off-grid solar power plant

Block diagram of the power plant

As the budget was limited, we did not install the remote monitoring system module, but it may be added in the future.

German shepherd dogs in the kennel

According to the client, the system works perfectly, the dogs are satisfied, a slight energy deficit occurs only on dark winter days. This disadvantage can be eliminated by adding two solar modules.

A frame from the cartoon Wallace and Gromit. Gromit reads the book Electronics for dogs

The price of this solar power plant in June 2020 was 5 500 BGN (2 800 €) with delivery, installation and VAT.

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