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The Statistical Office of the European Union (Eurostat) was established in 1953 as the Statistical Office of the European Coal and Steel Community.

Today, Eurostat provides all interested parties with high-quality multi-sectoral statistics both for the European Union as a whole and for each country individually. The Eurostat office is located in Luxembourg.

The modern democratic society cannot function properly without reliable statistics. Country-level decision-makers at EU level, working in local government and business, must be based on accurate and complete data.

Thanks to the statistics, European society and the media had received a tool to compare and evaluate the work of politicians and the effectiveness of admission programs. For this reason, Eurostat encourages the free use and publication of its data for any purpose.

Statistics answer many questions of society. For example, how much electricity cost in different countries? How much energy is produced in the country and what is the dependence of the state on the import of energy resources? Are yields, emissions, unemployment, external debt and GDP per capita rising or falling? Which countries score best on each issue and what is the average score? And in general, do politicians keep their promises?

Eurostat does not collect data. This is done by the statistical institutes of EU countries. However, Eurostat consolidates the data obtained and ensures their comparability. Figuratively speaking, the idea is that apples can be compared to other apples, but they should not be compared to pears.

For example, to accurately compare unemployment in the EU, it is important that unemployed people in Bulgaria or Portugal report in the same way as in Romania or Germany. Eurostat works with the national institutes of the participating countries to define a common methodology and to reconcile the data as much as possible.

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Some analytical reports of Eurostat

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Energy, transport and environment 2014

Brief guide to key indicators 2015

Статисти­ческа служба на Европейския съюз - Eurostat

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