Pellet fireplaces and stoves

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Pellet fireplaces and stoves


The pellet fireplaces heat and decorate any space and they work in fully automatic mode. They are easy to use, safe, reliable and environmentally friendly.

As fuel fireplaces and stoves use wood pellets. They are placed in a special container at the top of the fireplace and automatically enters in the combustion chamber in the required quantity. You only need to set the desired temperature on the display and to enjoy. Ignition of the fireplace and maintaining the set temperature in the room is provided automatically.

There are models with air heating and models with a water jacket. The models with air heating are suitable for heating of small spaces or separate rooms. They are easy to install and require minimal investment. The models with a water jacket heated heat exchanger (water or antifreeze) that circulates in the radiators and heat all rooms. These fireplaces and stoves have a high efficiency. They can be combined with storage water heaters, solar collectors and other heating equipment.

An example of installation of a pellet stove in apartment

The demand of pellet fireplaces or stoves worldwide is steadily increasing as they are easy to use and very economical. From company NENCOM you can buy fireplace or stove, corresponding to the square meters of your rooms and with appropriate design, and our specialists will provide delivery, installation and commissioning of equipment.


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