First time in Bulgaria: BYD Battery Box Premium LVL

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First time in Bulgaria: BYD Battery Box Premium LVL

31.03.2020 07.04.2020

The Chinese giant BYD, known for its electric buses, cars and storage systems for electric energy, has launched a new series of household batteries BYD Battery Box with the prefix «Premium».

According to the manufacturer, the new generation of lithium iron phosphate BYD batteries has a higher energy density and better electronics. Production began with the Premium LVL model.

We love new items from famous brands, so we placed an order immediately. From the first shipment to Europe, two batteries were immediately delivered to our office.

Battery BYD Premium delivered in sturdy wooden box

Unboxing BYD Premium at NENCOM

Battery BYD at NENCOM

Sturdy wooden crates protect the batteries

Immediately after receiving the goods we started testing, during which we had technical questions. «If you already have a new generation of our batteries, then you know more than us, we still haven’t received them yet» — assured us in the European representation of BYD.

Testing BYD Premium Battery at NENCOM

Testing of new BYD batteries

Half an hour later we answered our questions ourselves. The new batteries performed well during the test and can be installed.


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