Novelty: Victron Energy RS 450 controller

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Novelty: Victron Energy RS 450 controller

29.01.2021 05.02.2021

Today we received equipment from China, Austria and the Netherlands, including the latest solar charge controller Victron Energy RS 450 | 100 from the first production batch. The characteristics of the controller are impressive, let’s break them down and take a closer look.

The first feature of RS 450 consists in high input voltage — up to 450 volts. Up to this point, the maximum input voltage of some Victron Energy controllers was 250 volts. This means that now we can connect more solar modules in series, which increases system efficiency, reduces cable consumption and speeds up installation.

Recently, for connection of 20 Risen modules with 330 Wp (total peak power 6 600 watt) we used the most powerful controller Victron Energy — MPPT 250 | 100. The first number in the model name indicates the maximum input voltage (250 volts), and the second one — maximum charging current (100 amperes).

Victron Energy MPPT RS 450/100 solar charge controller with two trackers in the company NENCOM

The rated voltage of one solar module Risen RSM120-6-330M at idle is 40.3 V, and with temperature −15 °C and bright sunlight theoretically can reach 45 V (practically, it will turn out a little less). This means that we must connect in series no more than five such modules so as not to exceed the allowed for the controller 250 V. We connect the resulting four strings of five modules in parallel and connect to the controller.

In case with the new controller MPPT RS 450 | 100, we can divide these modules into two strings of ten modules, staying within the acceptable limits of the input voltage. The power of this controller is the same (charging current — up to 100 amperes).

The second feature of RS 450 consists in the presence of two independent MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking). This means that the two groups of modules that we connect to the charging controller do not have to be identical in characteristics, quantity, or be in the same conditions. It is possible to install these groups on different roof slopes: the RS electronics 450 will work individually with each of them. Previously, this would require two separate controllers.

Victron Energy MPPT RS 450/100 charge controller connection diagram

For grid-connected solar inverters, having multiple MPPTs has long been the norm, but charge controllers usually have only one tracker. Among well-known manufacturers, we managed to find one solar controller with two MPPTs — Steca Tarom MPPT 6000. But it has an input voltage of only 200 volts, and the charge current — 60 amperes.

The third feature of RS 450 is that its internal elements are not filled with epoxy, as in other controllers of the Victron Energy brand. It is enough to take out a few screws to disassemble the case and gain access to the electronic components. The controller can be repaired if necessary. This architecture allowed the use of an active ventilation system, as in Victron Energy inverters.

Internal structure of the Victron Energy MPPT RS 450/100 controller

Electronic components of the Victron Energy MPPT RS 450/100 controller

Victron Energy RS 450 charging controller with two MPPTs

The fourth feature — «big brother» of 200 amperes. Start of production of the MPPT RS 450 | 200 modification is expected at the end of the year, and it will be a completely unique product: four independent MPPTs and charge power up to 11.5 kW. Ideal solution for large homes and medium-sized businesses.

Victron Energy solar charge controllers RS 450/100 and RS 450/200

Victron Energy Controllers MPPT RS 450

By construction of solar power plants we use only high-quality equipment from well-known manufacturers, choosing the optimal configuration for each object.

Equipment for solar power plants in the NENCOM office

Equipment for solar power plants in the NENCOM office

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