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Pellet stoves BURNiT

Pellet stoves BURNiT — beautiful and reliable appliances for houses, apartments, hotels, restaurants and offices. They are fully automated, do not require special rooms and constant attention from the user. The delivery of BURNiT pellet stoves in Bulgaria is competely free.


Features of the pellet stoves
Pellet stove BURNiT Vision
Pellet stove BURNiT Advant
Pellet stove BURNiT Comfort
Pellet stove BURNiT Ambient
Example of an installation
First start-up and warranty
Video about the pellet stoves
Technical parameters
Instructions from BURNiT

Features of the pellet stoves

All BURNiT pellet stoves are fitted with a build-in pellet hopper with automatic fuel feed to the combustion chamber. Ignition is also automatic, using a durable ceramic lighter. The electronics controls all the combustion processes, including exhaust gas ventilation.

Pellet stove BURNiT in office

An optional Wi-fi controller is available to controll the pellet stove via the internet. With it you can set the desired temperature in the room, make a work schedule or just check the instantaneous parameters of the stove from any location of the world.

BURNiT pellet stoves are presented in several series. Vision, Advant and Comfort are equipped with a water jacket, which allows them to be used with radiator systems and underfloor heating, as well as to heat the water in the water heater. Each of the series is available in 13, 18 and 25 kW. The pellet stoves with water jacket have a built-in circulation pump and expansion vessel, which speeds up the instalation process.

Serie Ambient — these are air pellet stove without a water jacket. They are extremely easy to install and are ideal for heating separated premises. Available in 8, 10 и 13 kW verions.

Pellet stove BURNiT Vision

Serie Vision — these are stylish pellet stoves with water jacket. The high-tech design with a full glass door harmoniously complements the modern interior. BURNiT Vision pellet stove are equipped with a DIY tool-free maintenance system.

Pellet stoves BURNiT Vision

PowerHeating areaPrice
Vision 13 kWup to 110 m24 091
Vision 18 kWup to 150 m24 287
Vision 25 kWup to 210 m24 745

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Pellet stove BURNiT Advant

Serie Advant — these are modern pellet stoves with a water jacket, which have a traditional design. A great addition to the classic or retro style interior. BURNiT Advant pellet stoves are equipped with a DIY tool-free maintenance system.

Pellet stoves BURNiT Advant

PowerHeating areaPrice
Advant 13 kWup to 110 m23 547
Advant 18 kWup to 150 m22 775
Advant 25 kWup to 210 m24 042

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Pellet stove BURNiT Concept

Serie Concept — these are simple are reliable pellet stove with water jacket. The minimalistic design is suitable for any interior. The BURNiT Concept modification is made with decorative glass and is equipped with additional water jacket insulation, which allows you to mount this mini-boiler in the closet or on the balcony.

Pellet stoves BURNiT Comfort

PowerHeating areaPrice
Concept 13 kWup to 110 m23 547
Concept 18 kWup to 150 m23 775
Concept 25 kWup to 210 m24 042

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Pellet stove BURNiT Ambient

Serie Ambient — these are cheap pellet stove with air circulation. The BURNiT dry pellet stoves without a water jacket are ideal for heating separated premises, enabling you to save on purchase and installation. The Ambient Multi modification (13 kW) can heat up to two additional rooms, thanks to the installed duct connections. Three fans in the stove work independantly to maintain the desired temperature in each of the tree rooms.

Pellet stoves BURNiT Ambient

PowerHeating areaPrice
Ambient 8 kWup to 50 m22 428
Ambient 10 kWup to 70 m22 708
Ambient 13 kWup to 100 m23 470

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Example of installation

NENCOM specialists have extensive experience in pellet facilities installation. We install pellet fireplaces, boilers and burners, as well as build complete heating and hot water systems. In our office you can see samples of Bulgarian pellet stoves BURNiT:

Air circulation pellet stoves BURNiT

Air circulation pellet stove BURNiT

A BURNiT pellet stove with water jacket warms our office in the cold season, keeping the set temperature on schedule. Come and visit our office — we will show you how pellet stove works and answer your questions.

Pellet stove BURNiT with water jacket

Pellet stove BURNiT with water jacket

First start-up and warranty

NENCOM is an official dealer of the BURNiT brand. We work directly with the manufacturer, so you can buy a BURNiT pellet stove from us at a burgain price. You can do the installation yourself according to the instructions, if you have the necessary experience and knowledge in this field, or contact a specialized company.

In any case the first commissioning must be done by a specialist at one of the BURNiT authorized repair shops in all major cities in Bulgaria. This service is required to the validity of the pellet stove warranty and costs 115 BGN. The guarantee is valid for two years from the moment the pellet stove is put into operation. During the warranty period, the pellet stove must only be serviced by BURNiT certified repair shops.

Video about the pellet stoves BURNiT

Technical parameters

BURNiT pellet stoves with water jacket
Maximum heated area110 m2150 m2210 m2
Nominal heat output13 kW18 kW25 kW
Reduced heat output5.5 kW7.1 kW11 kW
Power heat water jacket11 kW15.5 kW21.5 kW
Direct heat output to the room2 kW2.5 kW3.5 kW
Water jacket volume21 L26 L39 L
Capacity pellet hopper14 kg15 kg24 kg
Fuel consumption per hour at max power2.5 kg3 kg4 kg
Pellet hopper burning at max power6 h5 h6 h
Exit / Entrance water jacket∅ 1″∅ 1″∅ 1″
Pipe incoming air∅ 40 mm∅ 40 mm∅ 40 mm
Pipe exhaust gas∅ 80 mm∅ 80 mm∅ 80 mm
CO content in the flue gas0.02 %0.02 %0.02 %
Temperature exhaust gas<180 °C<180 °C<180 °C
Electrical power consumption150 W150 W150 W
Size and weight of the Vision series
Height915 mm965 mm1065 mm
Width510 mm510 mm598 mm
Depth527 mm527 mm587 mm
Weight120 kg155 kg186 kg
Size and weight of the Advant and Comfort
Height900 mm950 mm1100 mm
Width530 mm530 mm580 mm
Depth520 mm520 mm680 mm
Weight120 kg140 kg180 kg
BURNiT pellet stoves with air circulation
Maximum heated area50 m270 m2100 m2
Nominal heat output8 kW10 kW13 kW
Reduced heat output5 kW8 kW10 kW
Capacity pellet hopper14 kg14 kg15 kg
Fuel consumption per hour at max power1.2 kg1.4 kg2 kg
Pellet hopper burning at max power11.5 h10 h8.5 h
Electrical power consumption120 W150 W220 W
Pipe incoming air∅ 32 mm∅ 32 mm∅ 34 mm
Pipe exhaust gas∅ 80 mm∅ 80 mm∅ 80 mm
CO content in the flue gas0.03 %0.03 %0.03 %
Temperature exhaust gas<180 °C<180 °C<180 °C
Height935 mm935 mm915 mm
Width450 mm450 mm510 mm
Depth455 mm455 mm540 mm
Weight60 kg63 kg120 kg
Additional ducts--∅ 76 mm
Min volume of room for installation--60 m3
Max volume of heated rooms--280 m3

BURNiT instructions

Operating manual BURNiT Comfort PM

Installation manual BURNiT Comfort PM

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