Pellet Burner Mudlark

Pellet burner for sunflower Mudlark

The Mudlark automatic pellet burners are suitable for sunflower or wood pellets, but also work on fruit stones (drupe) and nuts with a fraction size of up to 8 mm.


Modifications and prices
Burner Functions
Technical data
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Documentation Mudlark

Modifications and prices

The price includes: pellet feed auger, microprocessor controller and flange for connection to the boiler.

ModificationPower, kWPrice
Mudlark 357÷351 900
Mudlark 5020÷502 320
Mudlark 10050÷1003 060

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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Burner Functions

The burner electronics controls workflows by providing automatic ignition, pellet feeding in the chamber and combustion control. The controller’s menu includes English, Russian, Bulgarian and other languages.

Mudlark pellet burner controller

The Mudlark burners are made of heat-resistant steel and are mounted on most solid fuel boilers with suitable power.

Automated pellet burner for sunflower

The controller itself adjusts the combustion intensity, but there is a power limitation feature in the settings. For example, a modification of Mudlark 35 operating in the 7 to 35 kW range can be limited to 25 kW to match the boiler output and the volume of the heated area.

Work process of pellet burner Mudlark

Technical data

Mudlark 35
Heating power7÷35 kW
Fuel consumption2÷7 kg/h
Power consumption in Burning mode130 W
Power consumption in Ignition mode430÷880 W
Size H × W × D

263×380×640 mm

Weight26 kg
Auger size∅ 75 mm
Burner connection size∅ 160 mm
Connecting flange250 ×300 mm
Sinking the combustion chamber170 mm
Mudlark 50
Heating power20÷50 kW
Fuel consumption4÷10 kg/h
Power consumption in Burning mode130 W
Power consumption in Ignition mode430÷880 W
Size H × W × D

400×280×720 mm

Weight30 kg
Auger size∅ 75 mm
Burner connection size∅ 183 mm
Connecting flange270 ×270 mm
Sinking the combustion chamber180 mm
Mudlark 100
Heating power50÷100 kW
Fuel consumption10÷20 kg/h
Power consumption in Burning mode130 W
Power consumption in Ignition mode430÷880 W
Size H × W × D

450×300×710 mm

Weight35 kg
Auger size∅ 75 mm
Burner connection size∅ 220 mm
Connecting flange310 ×300 mm
Sinking the combustion chamber180 mm

Additional photos

Mudlark 35 sunflower pellet burnerMudlark 35 sunflower pellet burner

Mudlark pellet burner augerMudlark pellet burner auger

Menu of the Mudlark pellet burner in BulgarianMenu of the Mudlark pellet burner in Bulgarian

Flange for joining a pellet burner to a solid fuel boilerFlange for joining a pellet burner to a solid fuel boiler

Mudlark pellet burner installed on the boilerMudlark pellet burner installed on the boiler

Documentation Mudlark

Manual Mudlark


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