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Solar modules Panasonic HIT

Photovoltaic modules Panasonic HIT have record indicators of efficiency among mass-produced models. This is a production of the highest quality with 15-year guarantee for the construction and 25-year guarantee for the preservation of 80% of the nominal power.

The exceptional performance of the modules Panasonic is achieved thanks to the patented technology HIT® — Heterojunction with Intrinsic Thin layer. The traditional layer of monocrystalline silicon is surrounded on both sides by ultra-thin amorphous silicon layer, which reduces the energy losses at the borders of the cell especially in high temperatures.

Bulk prices

Panasonic modules are packed accordingly 40/48 pieces per pallet. When purchasing more than one pallet, the price is calculated individually.

Modification Price Quantity Amount
VBHN 250 SJ25 418 40 16 720
VBHN 330 SJ53 455 48 21 840
VBHN 335 SJ53 482 48 23 136
VBHN 340 SJ53 529 48 25 392
VBHN 325 KJ01 458 48 21 984
VBHN 330 KJ01 484 48 23 232
VBHN 335 KJ01 531 48 25 488

Price in Bulgarian lev incl. VAT 20%

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The company NENCOM assigned the status Panasonic Solar Premium Installer

Company NENCOM is official representative of Panasonic Solar in Bulgaria

Efficiently use of the space

The Panasonic HIT solar modules are manufactured in three sizes, which allow optimization of their location on the roof of the house and getting maximum power.

The Panasonic HIT solar modules allow optimization of their location on the roof of the house

Panasonic HIT modules on the left and the standard — on the right

Video Panasonic Solar

Examples of installing Panasonic modules

A longer guarantee

The product guarantee of most of the solar modules presented on the market is 10 years but Panasonic gives 15-year guarantee on the structure of its modules. Also from January 1, 2017 Panasonic provides 25 years product guarantee of HIT solar modules in certain installations. To get a longer guarantee on your installation you have to make a request in the site of Panasonic-solar .

Guarantee terms of Panasonic HIT

Brochure Panasonic Solar 2016

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