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Pellet boiler HERZ Pelletstar

Pellet boiler HERZ PelletstarThe pellet boiler HERZ Pelletstar combines stylish design and advanced heating technology. It is compact in size, has high efficiency and works in fully automatic mode.

The boiler is easy to operate and user-friendly. Electronics controls all processes: ignition, pellet feeding, combustion intensity, operation of the solar collectors, grid cleaning, the temperature in heating circuits, storage water heaters and many others.

You can monitor the operation of the entire system or manage it using both the touchscreen placed on the boiler body as well as remotely through smartphone, tablet or computer.

HERZ Pelletstar has established itself on the European market as a reliable, economical and safe pellet fuel boiler. Modifications of 10 to 60 kW are available.

Base prices

Power, kWHeated area, m2Price, BGN with VAT
10to 10015 845
2090–15016 950
30120–18017 535
45160–26024 275
60250–35025 230
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Touch screen of the pellet boiler HERZ PelletstarTouchscreen with convenient navigation

Remote access T-Control to control the operation of the HERZ boilerThe T-Control function allows remote control of your boiler

T-Control system for remote control of HERZ boilersUp to 55 modules can be connected to the control system: additional heating circuits, solar collectors, a second buffer and others

HERZ Pelletstar combustion chamberHERZ Pelletstar folding grateQuality steel is used for the combustion chamber and automatical cleaning is performed with the help of a portable folding grate.

Schematic of the boiler

Arrangement of the pellet boiler HERZ pelletstar

1Central Control Unit T-Control6RSE back fire protection
2Combustion chamber made of heat resistant steel7Heat exchanger with self-cleaning turbines
3Automatic cleaning grid8Combustion optimizer with Lambda sensor
4Automatic hot-air ignition9Suction fan
5Convenient ash collection container10Effective thermal insulation

Installation examples

We can implement a HERZ Pelletstar boiler in an existing heating system or install it as part of an entirely new system, taking into account the needs of the customer. Hertz pellet boilers have proven their high reliability and efficiency.

An example of installing pellet boiler HERZ Pelletstar

Installation and setup of pellet boiler HERZ Pelletstar

Menu of the boiler

The HERZ Pelletstar boiler is equipped with a touch screen having an intuitive control menu. In this video we show the main menu sections settings for the boiler, chamber, buffer and heating circuit:


Description and features of HERZ Pelletstar


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