Heating in restaurant Aksakovska Panorama

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Heating in restaurant Aksakovska Panorama


Restaurant «Aksakovska panorama» is located in a picturesque area near Varna. It is famous for its unique atmosphere, the hospitality of the host, the endless list of dishes on the menu and the wonderful panoramic views.

The heat in the restaurant provided an electric boiler and a fireplace, heating the water in the radiators for heating. But the old open fireplace was not efficient enough, and restaurant management turned to NENCOM to replace it.

View of the old fireplace

We analyzed the operation of the heating system, made calculations and suggested installing a built-in water jacket fireplace PRITY C W35.

Fireplace Prity C W35We measure the place of installation of the fireplaceInstallation of fireplace Prity C W35

The fireplace is working fine, but the finishing work of the restaurant is not yet complete. When everything is ready, we will surely capture the result and publish it here. It will look something like this:

Fireplace Prity C W35 and the interior

The Prity fireplaces are manufactured in Bulgaria. You can see the full range of Prity products in this catalog:

Catalog Prity 2015

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