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Pellet stove in office


Pellet stoves with water jacket are becoming more and more popular as they allow economical heating of any premises. Installing such a fireplace in the office not only saves money for the owner but also creates an atmosphere of home-like comfort for employees and visitors.

There are many questions before buying a fireplace. How to choose a fireplace and pellets for it? Is it possible to control the fireplace via the Internet? Can heat from the fireplace be used to heat domestic water? How to combine a pellet stove and solar collectors?

 Installation of pellet fireplace Burnit

To answer these questions and demonstrate the performance of all systems we decided to install a pellet fireplace in our office. For an area of 77 m2 we chose model BURNiT Comfort having power of 13 kW.

Connecting a pellet firestove to the boiler

Near the fireplace we mounted a demonstration boiler ELDOM Green Line with an opening in order to trace the heat transfer to the inner heat exchanger for domestic water heating. In this case was used a heat exchanger connected to the fireplace but there are boiler models with two heat exchangers integrated therein that allow the connection of a second heat source for example — a solar collector.

 Installation of heating radiators

In the rooms we put several radiators for heating with automatic thermoregulators and part of a water system «warm floor». Thus we created a fully-operational office heating system which also serves as a demonstration stand and laboratory.

 Copper tubes for pellet fireplace

 Loading pellets in the Burnit fireplace

Here we will collect statistics and test equipment for remote control of the system as well as will test different temperature regulators, thermal insulation, heat granules and many others.

Come visit us, to find out details and see the pellet fireplace in action.

Video about our work

Traditionally we shot a short video about the installation of the pellet fireplace:

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