Replacing a solid fuel boiler in Alen Mak

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Replacing a solid fuel boiler in Alen Mak


The owner of a lovely and almost self-contained home in Alen Mak turn to us for help — the boiler is damaged and the solar collectors are not operating efficiently.

We solved the problem of solar collectors quickly: we removed the excess air from the system, which appeared as a result of improper installation of the vent, replaced the damaged thermostat and filled the system with new coolant.

And instead of the old solid fuel boiler, it needed a new — simple and reliable, that will last much longer than the previous one. After discussing with the customer several options, we opted for the VIADRUS Hercules U22 D — this Czech boiler has the reputation of being inpretentious longevity.

Taking into account the heated volume, hot water consumption and the size of the boiler, we have chosen a modification of 25kW. We also installed an interruptible power supply for the circulation pump, so that when the power was interrupted, the system will continue to operate.

Installation of a solid fuel boiler VIADRUS Hercules U22 D

The boiler works perfectly: the house has hot water and heating again. The repair was completed in March 2016.

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